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Zidaan Kapoor is a homeschooled eighth grader with a passion for photography. His work highlights the unique natural beauty of his hometown, a marshland community in California. Zidaan’s photos have been exhibited in a local gallery, and in 2016 he spent a year at Rayko photography, a San Francisco organization providing emerging photographers with access to black and white and color darkrooms and digital labs.


As a toddler, Zidaan was diagnosed with life threatening allergies to peanuts, all tree nuts, eggs, and seafood. He suffered two anaphylactic reactions before the age of five, and his reactions are so severe that his organs begin to shut down. As a result of his experiences with allergies, Zidaan has become a proponent of food allergy awareness, recently publishing a piece on the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) blog that garnered wide support and discussion. In an effort to help find a cure for food allergies, Zidaan donates all proceeds from his photographs to FARE, which is the largest food allergy research and advocacy non-profit in the world. 

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